In October 2020, the Orsk Refinery increased the yield of AI-95 gasoline by 93.2 %

In October 2020, «Orsknefteorgsintez», a subsidiary of «ForteInvest» (part of the Industrial and Financial Group SAFMAR), increased the yield of AI-95 gasoline by 93.2 % when compared to the same period last year. 

Other petroleum product categories also show a growth. During the reporting period, the enterprise processed about 314 thousand tonns of petroleum feedstock and produced 230.8 thousand tonns of light petroleum products. The yield of RT fuel increased by 12 %, the growth was about 3.5 thousand tonns; the yield of AI-92 gasoline by 0.06 %, the growth was 0.04 thousand tonns. The Orsk Refinery produced about 129 thousand tonns of gasoil and 41.5 thousand tonns of bitumen. In October 2020, the processing depth was 97.48 %, while the yield of light petroleum products 73.48 %.

Despite the complicated situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic both within the country and worldwide, “Orsknefteorgsintez” is still involved in active development of priority projects as part of the Comprehensive Enterprise Modernization Program. Design work is in progress; the cooperation with equipment suppliers and contractors continues in connection with the scheduled construction of the Delayed Coking Unit. Particular attention is paid to the introduction of new digital technologies contributing to the competitiveness improvement of the Orsk Refinery in the oil refining market.