ForteInvest holding is completing an energy audit of its assets

ForteInvest enterprises are completing energy surveys of industrial assets and are starting to implement an energy management system. This decision was made by the company's management following a regular meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council on 24th of September 2020.

Based on the results of the energy audit, priority areas for increasing energy efficiency will be determined, the implementation of which will not only reduce production costs, but also reduce the specific indicator for energy consumption with a constant increase in tariffs.

Along with optimization measures that provide one-time savings, an important condition for increasing the energy efficiency of production is the identification of all sources and consumers of energy at the enterprise. In this regard, within the framework of the energy management system of the assets of ForteInvest, it is planned to introduce a software package for monitoring and efficient use of energy resources, which allows for the current analysis of consumption and promptly respond to emerging deviations. The practice of the leading enterprises of the industry shows that such technical solutions save 3-5% of the consumed energy resources in general.

The course outlined at ForteInvest for the introduction of energy-saving technologies, together with the development of a corporate culture in the field of rational energy consumption, will increase production efficiency and reduce associated costs.

Energy management of production is one of the important conditions for sustainable development and competitiveness of oil and gas enterprises. As a result, ForteInvest pays special attention to the issues of energy saving and rational consumption of energy resources.